Frequently asked questions:

TripSource is BCD Travel’s total trip management platform for travelers and travel arrangers. It’s designed to simplify business travel by keeping travelers organized and in the know while on the road.

Not sure if BCD Travel is your travel management company? Check with your Travel Manager.
The website and app share the same login credentials, profile details and itinerary information so, apart from a few features, the experience is consistent across platforms.

The app has additional functionality that takes advantage of unique mobile capabilities, such as biometric login, push and SMS notifications, snap and submit receipts, the document vault and click to call functionality in certain regions.

If you are a Travel Arranger, you need to use the desktop version to manage your travelers’ trips. Check out the TripSource User Guide for additional details.
Browsers – Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox. Devices – iOS 15 or higher, Android 9 or higher and Android (Chrome).
You can register on the website or in the TripSource app. On, click ‘Register’ or download the app and register using your company email address. Either way, you must use your company email address and your password must contain at least 8 characters, comprised of upper- and lower-case letters and numbers.
You only need to register once. The website and app share the same username and password, so you can access both using the same credentials.
Your email may be associated with another account. Have you booked trips for other travelers using your email address in the past? Emails that have more than one traveler associated to them are blocked.

Did you use your personal email address? You need to use your business email address, so we know you are associated with a BCD Travel account.
You will receive a registration confirmation email.
If you’ve successfully entered your business email address and password but didn’t receive your registration confirmation email, check your junk / quarantined email folders and be sure to add as a ‘safe sender.’
To reset your password, use the ‘Forgot password’ link on the log in page. After you enter your email address, we’ll send you an email with a password reset link.
To make changes to your name in TripSource, contact your company’s HR department or edit your name in your profile management system. These changes will automatically sync into TripSource.
You will need to re-register for TripSource using your new business email address. Any trips booked under your previous email address will not be displayed in your new account.
Manage your profile information either in TripSource Profile Manager (TSPM) or your company’s profile management system (e.g., Concur). All information will automatically sync into TripSource.
If your loyalty program details have been added to your profile, they will automatically sync into your TripSource bookings.
Yes, information stored in TripSource follows data security compliance.
Yes, all BCD Travel reservations will automatically sync into TripSource.
If you have recently booked or changed a trip through a BCD Travel agent, it may take up to 30 minutes to process.
To cancel your trip, contact a BCD Travel Agent.

Your company may have the cancel trip feature available within the TripSource app. Check availability by clicking into a trip, tapping on the menu icon and selecting ‘Cancel Trip.’
Contact a BCD Travel Agent or the provider for bookings made outside of BCD Travel.
To rename your trip, click into the trip and tap the pencil icon next to the trip title. Tapping the icon will enable the edit mode. Once you’ve edited your trip name, save and exit.
Trips will be automatically removed from your account 60 days after your trip ends.
In the app, click into the upcoming trip you’d like to share. In the top right corner, click on the menu icon. On the next screen, click ‘Share Trip.’ In the desktop version, go to the Trips page, click the ‘Share’ button in the center of your trip card, enter the recipient’s email address and click ‘Share.’

You can set TripSource to auto-share your trip details by adding a Follower on the desktop version. Click ‘Add Followers’ under the ‘Share my trips’ module at the bottom right of the home screen, add the recipient’s email address and click ‘Save.’
The recipient should check their spam folder. You can also try resending.
A Follower is a contact designated by you who will automatically receive all your trip details, including information booked by BCD Travel, imported bookings, and manually added information until they have been removed from your list of Followers.
The ability to add/remove a Follower is currently available via desktop only. Click ‘Add Followers’ under the ‘Share my trips’ module at the bottom right of the home screen. Scroll down to the email address you’d like to remove, hover over the three dots and click ‘Delete.’
Messages are sent from the app as push notifications and text (SMS) messages. They can also be viewed in the app on the trip timeline. On the desktop version, all messages are stored in the Message Center.
Manage your text notifications via desktop or app. In the app, swipe left and scroll down to ‘Manage Notifications.’ From there, you can toggle various push notifications on or off.

On the desktop version, click the Account icon in the top right of the navigation bar and then select ‘SMS Notifications’ from the left side bar menu to enter your phone number and enable notifications.
Yes, real-time alerts will be pushed to you if they are enabled. In the app, swipe left and scroll down to ‘Manage Notifications.’
Push notifications can be toggled off in the app under Manage Notifications. SMS notifications (text messages) can be managed on your personal device. All TripSource messages will appear in the Message Center available via desktop.
We’ll send you a notification 24 hours before departure letting you know it’s time to check in for your flight. In most instances, you can tap the notification and check in directly on the carrier’s site.
Risk Alerts are sent for major events related to security, weather and transportation that could impact your travel schedule. A high-level summary with a link to additional information is included with the message.

Some clients have their own risk messaging program and therefore disable TripSource Risk Alerts. Check with your Travel Manager if you are unsure how the information is delivered.
Messages about air disruption compensation are sent to travelers who may qualify for reimbursement under European Union regulations due to a delayed or canceled flight. We have partnered with AirHelp to assist with claims.

If you have received a message from AirHelp, follow the instructions in the email. You may also want to review your company travel policy to check if there’s a different solution or process to follow.
Check out the TripSource User Guide to learn more. Some features and notifications are enabled upon client request or are available in specific markets. Reach out to your Travel Manager for more details.
Air, hotel and car booking is available in select markets and requires company participation.
In some markets, there are options within the app to call an agent or cancel your entire trip. These features can be found by clicking on the 3-dot menu located at the top right of your trip details. If your company does not have these features activated, simply call your BCD Travel Agent using the same process used when booking your trip. Cancellation policies vary, so be sure to check the policy for cancellation guidelines.

Please note: Reservations cannot be modified in TripSource. If a change is needed, reach out to your BCD Travel Agent or cancel and rebook in TripSource.
Some flights are non-refundable and require your credit card for instant purchase. The corporate company payment method in your profile is the default used for booking and must be kept up to date. For low-cost carrier bookings, your personal credit card is used, and the CVV code (if required) can be added at the time of booking.

The credit card in your profile will automatically populate on the payment page. Credit card payment is required to secure the booking. Some clients are set up with virtual payment options in addition to credit card payment.

You can enter a credit card as a form of payment, choose no guarantee or request a car voucher, depending on market settings and rate guidelines.
The travel arranger feature is only available when using the desktop version of TripSource at It is not available for use on the mobile app.

For you to manage a traveler in TripSource, the traveler must:
  • Use TripSource Profile Manager (TSPM) to manage their profile, or use Concur or Cytric in conjunction with TripSource.
  • Designate you as the arranger.

Both you and the traveler must:
  • Have your own TripSource account.

Once you’ve met these criteria, you can begin using the arranger functionality.
Make sure the traveler has added you as an arranger in the Travel Arrangers section of their profile.
Do you have your own TripSource account? You must have your own account to manage a traveler in TripSource.

If you are logged in to your TripSource account and still don’t see ‘Arranger’ in the navigation bar, you may not be designated as an arranger yet. A traveler must add you as an arranger for it to be displayed.
Arrangers can be removed by a traveler in the Travel Arrangers section of their profile.
There are two levels of arranger permission – book and edit. If you give an arranger permission to book, they will be able to book your travel but will not have access to your profile. If you give an arranger permission to edit, they will have access to view and edit your personal profile, which includes payment details, loyalty program information, etc.
Yes. The traveler will receive a push notification and message about a new trip in the Message Center. Arrangers can view the reservation in TripSource.
If you don’t see anyone listed under ‘Travel Arrangers’ in your profile, you may find your arranger in your company’s preferred online booking tool (OBT).
The team behind TripSource strives to improve the usability of its website for all users, including those with disabilities. If you are a user with a disability, an individual assisting a user with a disability or are otherwise having difficulty accessing or navigating TripSource, please contact us at Along with your contact information and description of the issue, please include information regarding any assistive technology you were using when you experienced difficulty. This will help us address the issue you had and allow us to improve the experience for all travelers.
We are committed to keeping our travelers informed. The COVID-19 Info Hub provides information to help travelers make smart, confident decisions amid changing rules, laws and protocols.
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