Frequently asked questions:

TripSource was designed exclusively for BCD travelers to make your trips more efficient and less stressful. Not sure if BCD Travel is your travel management company? Check with your travel manager to confirm.
You only need to register once. You can use the same username and password for both and the app.
The experience is consistent on both platforms – apart from push alerts, which are specific to the app experience. Notifications on can be viewed via the message center or can be sent directly to your phone by opting-in for SMS message. The site and app share the same username, password and itinerary information, so you can use both platforms seamlessly.
Currently, TripSource is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, and Norwegian based on your browser settings or the language settings on your device.
The following browsers and devices are supported by TripSource: Chrome 80.x (Mac & Windows), IE11, Edge 80.x (Windows), Safari 12.x (Mac), iOS 12 or higher, Android 8 or higher and Android (Chrome).
  • Have you booked trips for other travelers using your email address in the past? We block emails that have more than one traveler associated with them. Contact us and we can reset your account.
  • Did you just book your trip? It can take up to 30 minutes for new trips to process and load into the system.
  • Did you enter the email address used when booking your trip with BCD Travel? This is usually your corporate email address.
  • Did you use your personal email address? At this time, TripSource is for business use only.
  • Your email may be associated with another account.
Still have questions? Contact us for assistance.
In the app:
Download the app. Open the app and register with your company email address and password of your choice. Your password must contain at least 8 characters, upper and lower case letters, and numbers. If you have trouble registering, contact us.

Web browser:
Visit and click on “Get Started” in the menu at the top right corner. Register with your company email address and password of your choice. Your password must contain at least 8 characters, upper and lower case letters, and numbers. If you have trouble registering, contact us.
If you’ve successfully entered your business email address and password but didn’t receive your registration confirmation email, check your junk email folder / quarantined emails and be sure to add as a trusted email address. If you cannot locate your registration confirmation email, contact us.
Your BCD Travel reservations are automatically synced into TripSource across all platforms.
Forward your supported itinerary confirmation email to, and we’ll match it to an existing trip folder, or create a new trip folder as needed. TripSource currently supports air, rail, rental car, hotel, and ground/limo itineraries.
  • A supported booking vendor may have changed their itinerary confirmation email format.
  • We may not support the language in your itinerary confirmation email yet.
  • Your itinerary confirmation email may not have been sent in the original format (e.g. copy/pasted into email, hand typed, printed from web browser, scanned from outside source, etc.).
  • Your itinerary confirmation email may require a password to access your itinerary.
  • Your booking may have been made through a vendor that is not currently supported. View the list of supported vendors.
  • A setting in your email client may have changed the format of your forwarded itinerary confirmation emails (emails should be sent as both plain text and HTML).
  • If your reservation was made using your personal email address, you will need to register that email address under Account > My Email Addresses before forwarding confirmation emails.
Still have questions? Contact us for assistance.
Click into the upcoming trip you’d like to share. In the top right corner, click on the menu icon. On the following screen, click “Share Trip.

Web browser:
You can set up TripSource to auto-share all of your trip details by adding a Follower. Click “Add Followers” from the "Share my Trips" module at the bottom right of the home screen and enter the email address. To share certain trips, click the “Share” button in the center of your trip card on the home screen and then click “Share via email.”
A Follower is a contact designated by you that will automatically receive all of your trip details including information booked by BCD Travel, outside bookings, and manually added information until they have been removed from your list of Followers.
The ability to add/remove a Follower is currently available via web only. Click "Add Followers" on the bottom of the home page. Scroll down to the email you’d like to remove, hover over the three dots, and then click "Delete".
If the email isn’t in the spam folder, try resending. If that doesn’t work, contact us.
Yes, after you have registered for TripSource using your corporate email address, you can add your personal email address to your profile by swiping right and clicking on your email address. Click “Edit” in the top right corner and under Other Registered Emails click “Add New.”

We’ll send you a confirmation email, and after you confirm your personal email, you can forward itinerary confirmation emails to and they’ll be synced to your account.
The travel arranger feature is only available when using the desktop version of TripSource at It is not available for use on the mobile app.

For you to manage a traveler in TripSource, the traveler must:

  • Use TripSource to manage their profile or use Concur in conjunction with TripSource.
  • Designate you as the arranger.
Both you and the traveler must:

  • Have your own TripSource account.
Once you’ve met these criteria, you can begin using the arranger functionality.
Make sure the traveler has added you as an arranger in the Travel Arrangers section of their profile.

If you still can’t locate the traveler, contact us.
  • Do you have your own TripSource account? You must have your own account to manage a traveler in TripSource.
  • You may not be designated as an arranger yet. A traveler must add you as an arranger for it to be displayed in the navigation bar.
If you need assistance, contact us.
Arrangers can be removed by a traveler in the Travel Arrangers section of their profile.
When booking travel on your behalf, an arranger will be able to see your travel plans and profile information, including payment details, loyalty program information, etc.
Only manually added event cards can be marked as private. All remaining travel details will be visible to the arranger.
Yes, the traveler will receive a push notification and message about a new trip in the Message Center. Arrangers can view the reservation in TripSource.
  • If you have recently booked or changed a trip through BCD Travel, give it up to 30 minutes to process.
  • If you are registered under more than one email address, be sure to log in using the main email address associated with your trips.
  • Was the trip booked through BCD Travel? If not, you will need to forward your email confirmations to after you add and confirm your personal email address.
Still have questions? Contact us for assistance.
TripSource displays information in your current travel itinerary. If you have questions about your itinerary, contact your BCD Travel Adviser or your third-party provider for outside bookings.
To rename your trip, select the trip from the dashboard. At the top of the trip timeline, tap the pencil icon beside the trip title. Tapping the icon will enable the edit mode. Once you’ve edited your trip name, tap done to save.

Web browser:
Click on the title of your trip. A pop-up will appear where you can type in the new name of your trip.
The ability to manually add trip items is currently available via web only.

Web browser:
Click “+ Add Trip Item” on the TripSource homepage and follow the prompts. You can also tap into a trip and add an item for that that specific trip.
If the upgrade was done through the airline, it will not display in TripSource. If the upgrade was not done through the airline, contact us for assistance.
Either TripSource doesn’t have the address for this part of your trip, or you currently don’t have an online connection. If this isn’t the case, contact us.
Tap the pin on the map and then the directions icon, and your map app will open.
Trips will be automatically removed from your account 60 days after your trip ends.
If you booked your hotel in TripSource, you can cancel it by opening the reservation and tapping "Cancel Trip." In the app, click into hotel details, tap on the menu icon in the top right corner, and you’ll see the option to cancel hotel.

Cancelation policies vary, so be sure to check the policy area for cancelation guidelines. Once your hotel cancelation has been processed, your hotel booking will be removed from your trip timeline.

To cancel a hotel reservation made outside of TripSource, contact the hotel directly or log in to your online travel booking tool. You will need to manually remove the trip item for the canceled reservation.

Please note: Hotel reservations cannot be modified. If a change is needed, the existing booking should be cancelled and a new one created.
TripSource hotel listings and maps will display a preferred icon next to hotels that are company preferred. These options are displayed first, and then other hotels from lowest to highest rates.
No. Credit card payment is required to secure the booking. If you have a TripSource profile established, your current credit card information will be prepopulated on the payment page.
Hotel booking is available in select markets and requires company participation.
Flight booking is available in select markets and requires company participation.
Domestic and international flights are available, including low-cost carriers and branded fares, which give you access to a broader choice of fares and all of the airlines’ merchandising offers.
The corporate company payment method in your profile is the default used for booking and must be kept up-to-date. For low-cost carrier bookings, your personal credit card is used, and the CCV code (if required) can be added at time of booking.
Any personal preferences available in your TSPM profile (e.g. seats, loyalty programs, membership numbers, etc.) will be sent directly at time of booking. This data must be up-to-date in your profile:
On certain carriers, you can select a non-paid seat and pay for specific ancillaries. Paid seating is coming as part of a future update. You will be prompted during the booking process if these options are available.
Some content is non-refundable and requires your personal credit card for instant purchase. In these cases, your credit card is debited directly by the provider. For other cancellations and refund inquiries, you will need to speak with a BCD Travel Adviser.

In some markets, there are options within the app to call an agent or cancel your entire trip. These features can be found by clicking on the 3-dot menu located at the top right of your trip details. If your company does not have these features activated, simply call your BCD Travel Adviser using the same process used when booking your trip.
Car booking is available in select markets and requires company participation.
This option is only available in select markets and requires company participation. Reach out to your Travel Manager to find out when car booking will be available in your market.
You can enter a credit card as a form of payment, choose no guarantee or request a car voucher, depending on market settings and rate guidelines.
Your reservation is automatically added to a trip when the dates and location match an existing itinerary.
Search results include a preferred rate icon. Preferred rates display first, followed by rates from other car companies, sorted from lowest to highest price.
You’ll see all companies displayed in TripSource. Search results are displayed in the following order: Company preferred, BCD preferred, and then all other vendors from lowest to highest price.
Yes. Airport and city can be entered on the search screen. The results returned are based on airport, city, landmark or hotel location. Entering a specific address is not yet available.
Yes, you can book different car sizes in TripSource. All car vendors and car types display for selection.
Today, your corporate discount will automatically apply, but you will need to add your loyalty number during the search process. We are working towards a future solution to have this number auto-populate.
If you have used your business email address as an additional or personal email address under Import Trip Item, you will need to delete it there first. If you do not do that first, you will receive an error stating that the email address is already in use. Once that’s been done, you will need to re-register using your new business email address. Any trips booked under your previous email address will not display on your new account. Past trips will be visible on your old account for up to 60 days after travel.
If you’ve reset your password and still can’t login, contact us for assistance.
Hotel loyalty numbers can be added to your travel profile, located under profile management on the web. In the app, swipe right and click on your email address. On the following screen, click “Access profile.” Scroll down to Hotel Memberships and add your loyalty numbers.
We will send you messages via push notifications, text messages (SMS), and the message center. Manage your text notifications via web or app. In the app, swipe left and you’ll see Manage Notifications. From there, you can toggle various push notifications on or off.
The sync to calendar function syncs your trip details from TripSource to your mobile device’s calendar. It will not sync to your Outlook calendar or other mail providers’ calendars.
If you cannot save updates in TripSource, try making the update on your online travel profile. These changes should then sync to your TripSource account. If you are still having issues, contact your Travel Adviser.
Credit cards you add in TripSource are only available for use in TripSource. These updates will not be synced to your online travel profile for use with a traveler adviser or on your online booking tool.
Not yet, however you can replace the card with a new one by tapping/clicking edit.
Yes, TripSource allows you to store up to 4 credits cards. These cards will only be stored in TripSource, and will not be synced to your online travel profile for use with a travel adviser or on your online booking tool.
Yes, information stored in TripSource follows PCI compliance.
To make changes to your name in TripSource, contact your company’s HR department or edit your name in your online travel profile. These changes will sync into TripSource automatically. If you need further assistance, contact your BCD Travel Adviser.
To reset your password, use the "Forgot password" link on the log in page. After you enter your email address, we’ll send you an email with a password reset link.
Yes, real-time alerts will be pushed to you as long as they are enabled.
Be sure you have notifications turned on. Swipe left and under Push Notifications toggle on Flight notifications (delays, changes, cancel). If your notifications are already turned on, contact us for assistance.
We will send you messages via push notifications, text messages (SMS), and the message center within the app or site.
We’ll send you a notification 24 hours before departure letting you know that it’s time to check in for your flight. In most instances, you can tap the notification and check in directly on the carrier’s site.
The Sync to Calendar function will sync your trip details from TripSource to your mobile device’s calendar. It will not sync to your Outlook calendar or other mail providers’ calendars.
Messages about Air Disruption Compensation are sent to travelers who may qualify for reimbursement under European Union regulations due to a delayed or cancelled flight. We have partnered with AirHelp to assist with claims.

If you have received an Air Disruption Compensation message, follow the instructions in the email. You may also want to review your company travel policy to check if there’s a different solution or process to follow.
Risk alerts are sent for major events related to security, weather and transportation that may impact your travel schedule. A high-level summary with a link to additional information is included with the message.

Some clients have their own risk messaging program, so TripSource risk alerts are disabled. Check with your travel manager if you are unsure how information is delivered.
  • Yes, just snap a photo from your phone and attach it to your trip, it’s that easy.
  • Receipts can be emailed to your personal or business email address, as well as your expense management tool (EMT). Prior to sending, confirm that your EMT accepts receipts via email, and it recognizes your TripSource registered email address.
  • Receipts can be sent individually or all together.

    Trips and receipts will be archived 60 days after trip completion, and no longer accessible.

    *Confirm photos of receipts are acceptable to your company and country before use.
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