Invisible payment is here with Virtual Payment Automation+

BCD Travel’s VPA+ payment solution removes major pain points for travelers. Say goodbye to hotel payment and invoice collection. With VPA+ simply book our hotel yand focus on what matters, not managing receipts. Simple, secure and automated. The benefits of VPA+ are clear.

What can VPA+ do for you?

Increase traveler engagement by giving them the gift of time back with fewer expenses to fill in and no hotel payment at checkout. They’ll thank you later.

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Travelers want simplicity and convenience.

VPA+ offers an invisible payment solution to remove a pain point for travelers, which ends up also keeping them in program and on budget.


Collected hotel invoices match to booked data. VPA+ provides much less room for error.


Do you ever worry about missing or incorrect data? With VPA+, it is automatically added.


Collected hotel invoices give you access to scanned invoices and more visibility into hotel spend within your travel program.

Get VPA+ for the most accurate, tax-compliant, digitized payment solution.