Put the power of travel at their fingertips

More than just a travel itinerary app, TripSource keeps your travelers safe, efficient, and in-program.

When you introduce your travelers to TripSource, here’s what they’ll find:

Dynamic Trip Management

Your travelers stay organized and in control with easy access to their travel details, receipts, pre-trip communications, flight alerts and more.

Smart Communications

When an itinerary change or global risk occurs, you can be confident your travelers are always in the know.

Shopping and Booking

Our hotel booking feature offers your travelers the rooms they want at the best rates. It’s so easy they can book in program in under two minutes.

Policy Guidance

No matter where your travelers happen to be, they always have access to relevant company information.

Getting started is easy

Once your BCD account manager has all your information, we’ll set up your preferences in TripSource so your travelers will see your company’s content. Here’s what we’ll need to get started:


Ask your IT team to whitelist your TripSource domains. Find a list of those domains .

For registration: info.tripsource.com or
For website: mytrips.tripsource.com
For email communications: @tripsource.com, @support.tripsource.com, @notification.tripsource.com


We’ll introduce your traveler to TripSource*. You can provide added support, visit our Marketing toolkit and use these resources to communicate to your travelers.



Talk to your account manager about next steps for setting up your company messaging, policy, polls, preferred hotels, rate caps and office locations in TripSource.

*Travelers with an upcoming trip automatically receive a TripSource introductory email.